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    Window Energy Ratings – W.E.R’s

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    A-Rated Energy Efficient Windows

    Many Window companies will be trying to achieve high energy ratings to add to the quality of their overall product range and to offer consumers greater informed choices about the products they offer.

    Window profiles are part of the story but as glass makes up most of the area in a window and the components used in its construction are critical to achieving good levels of insulation.

    Instead of just Centre pane U value the W.E.R is concerned with the heat loss of the whole window.

    Therefore a combination of Coated Glass, Low Iron Glass, Warm Edge Technology and gas filling is critical to achieve a good rating.

    This link explains the benefits and how the rating system works.

    BFRC Guidance Note

    energysavingEnergy Saving Recommended Windows:
    Just like washing machines and freezers, windows are energy rated by the British Fenestration Ratings Council on a scale of A-G. Windows achieving a rating of C and above are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust’s Energy Saving Recommended (ESR) scheme and carry the EST’s swing tag logo.

    Make sure you ask for windows with the Energy Saving Recommended logo and Super-Spacer inside to ensure the best energy efficiency.

    In this section:

    A-Rated Energy Efficient Windows