• Warm Edge Super Spacer

    Warm Edge Super Spacer

    Did you know that almost half of all the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions come from our buildings and homes?

    Windows play a huge role in this. According to the Energy Saving Trust, around 20% of the heat lost from an average home occurs through the windows. The heat lost contributes half a tonne of CO2 per home to the atmosphere and increases fuel bills.

    sidebarbannerReduce Heat Loss Through Your Windows
    Super Spacer is 950 times less conductive than aluminium and, as most of the heat loss through a window occurs at the edge of the unit, standard metal spacer bars act as a thermal energy drain allowing heat to escape from your home. Super Spacer blocks the escape route.

    Award winning Super Spacer, with built-in energy saving, is a foam spacer which delivers energy saving technology. Windows with Super Spacer reduce heat lost through your windows, helping to keep your home warm. Less heat lost also means lower fuel bills and lower carbon emissions.

    For more details on Super Spacer please visit www.superspacer.co.uk


    aboutReduce Noise & Condensation
    There are many other benefits of installing windows with Super Spacer. It reduces condensation by up to 70%, virtually eliminating the potential breeding ground for bacteria, mould and dust mites that can be harmful to people with respiratory diseases. Super Spacer also reduces noise transmission by up to 2dB which helps you keep your home an oasis of calm, away from the noise of the outside world.