• Versatile and Energy Efficient Glazing

    Warmedgeunits-pic-energy-saving-glazing-061211Huge expanses of glass mark the new Saint Paul’s Academy in Greenwich London as an attractive and energy efficient building. High performance Everseal IG units by FGI were used featuring St Gobain’s 6mm Cool-Lite solar control glass and also 6.8mm of laminated clear glass. A range of spectrally selective glazing samples were supplied to determine exact specifications. The Cool-Lite solar control glass was chosen as it presented a superior compromise between transmittance of light and the amount of solar energy entering the building. Cool-Lite is an incredibly versatile product as it reduces the need for air conditioning during warm weather by reflecting up to two thirds of heat to the outside of a building. Paradoxically, this technology when incorporated into double glazed units delivers excellent thermal insulation. These factors give it all round functionality for every season. One surface of this energy saving glass is microscopically coated, enhancing its appearance and reducing glare, while allowing natural light penetration. Double and triple glazing is a tried and tested way of reducing heat loss and carbon emissions, especially where features like gases are used such as Argon or Krypton. These inert gasses effectively improve thermal efficiency by reducing conductive and convective heat transference for an eco friendly solution.