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    UPVC Replacement Double Glazing Window Designs

    UPVC double glazed replacement windows come in several styles, reflecting the most popular window designs. Whether the replacement windows are for a contemporary or period location UPVC double glazing has the answer.

    Double Glazed Casement Windows

    Replacement UPVC windows, while fulfilling all of the functions of your existing windows, have many additional advantages, such as increased insulation and security. Casement windows are frequently installed with UPVC double glazing. These are straight forward windows, compatible with most applications and benefiting from UPVC replacement.

    Casement Windows, Side or Top Hinged

    Where the hinges are positioned is relevant with a casement window. If placed at the side, which is the most common style, these windows open outwards from the side . Certain circumstances call for a top hinged window in cases where :-

    • Kitchen or bathroom sinks obstruct access to the window so a lower handle is desirable.
    • Kitchen worktops or other pieces of furniture block access to the window.
    • A lower more easily reached handle is advantageous in for instance an elderly or disabled persons home. Residential homes often install top hinged casement windows where convenience is essential.

    Sliding Sash – Maintenance Free

    A vertical sliding sash window can be opened by moving up and down using a spring system. Older versions traditionally used cords and weights but were prone to jamming causing difficulty when opening. The new system is a vast improvement and is more reliable, maintenance free and can be easily integrated into older or period properties. Listed buildings in conservation areas also make use of these UPVC sliding sash replacement windows as do owners of bow or bay windows.

    UPVC Sliding Sash Window – Weather Protection

    image_1With UPVC sliding sash windows there is also the advantage of superior weather protection due to a brush strip seal. These are more effective than the rubber seal used in casement windows.
    An authentic look is enhanced by sash horns for a classic touch..
    Being more complex products to manufacture, a sash window has a higher price than most other double glazed window systems. This is also a result of a larger quantity of UPVC being needed and means you will pay about 50% more than with a casement window.

    Tilt & Turn Windows for Ventilation

    image_2Tilt and Turn windows enable a comfortable amount of ventilation through an opening of around 15 degrees. The versatility of this window style means that it can be adjusted by manipulating the mechanism to enable a side hinge action. The tilt and turn window then becomes fully opened allowing escape or access in case of emergency. This facility also helps when cleaning.

    These windows are a firm favourite from a safety point of view in applications such as initial install or replacement windows for high rise buildings like flats, hotels or offices. For these high rise commercial applications, the side opening facility is sometimes kept locked, opening only for cleaning purposes. They are also a popular choice for UPVC replacement double glazing of bay or bow windows and will cost on average 30% more than a casement window.

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    In this section:
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