• UPVC Exterior Doors Increase Thermal Insulation to Houses

    In a recent article from Warm Edge Units web promotion partner, UPVC Door Store, attention is rightly drawn to the thermal efficiency properties of exterior doors.

    The front doors and back doors on many homes are the same doors that were fitted when the house was built. Even when modern double glazing has been installed, external doors are often overlooked or deliberately left in place as they were deemed to be ‘in keeping’ with the porperty. While there may be a warmth to the look of traditional solid wooden doors very often the impression is very different form the reality. Wooden doors rot over the years and wooden doors warp. Wooden door frames shrink over time letting in cold draughts and allowing heat to escape. Traditional wooden doors need to be well-maintained to protect their porous surfaces from the British climate.

    347_kimbolton_bev_clear_solar8964f9UPVC Door Store has found the answer. Indeed they have found a great choice of answers with a wonderful range of upvc front doors and upvc back doors in many styles and designs. On-line retailer upvcdoorstore.com can even supply upvc front doors and back doors in wood effect finishes such as antique oak and rosewood.

    UPVC Door Store manufactures their own upvc products. UPVC doors are built around a core of galvanised steel giving them incredible strength and providing great home security. Front doors and back doors are constructed using an elegant 4 chamber design to boost thermal insulation and to improve home energy efficiency. UPVC Door Store top quality upvc front doors and back doors come pre-hung in their own upvc door frames to eliminate all possibiliy of cold drafts and each door is made-to-measure ensuring every door fits snuggly into place.

    For more information on the thermal insulation and energy efficient qualities of upvc exterior doors visit upvcdoorstore.com or contact them on freephone 0800 072 4887.

    UPVC Exterior Doors Increase Thermal Insulation to Houses