• Stylish Georgian Bars and Multifunctional Reversible Casement Windows

    Astragal Georgian Bars, Multi-Pane Windows, Fully Reversible Casement Double Glazed Window Systems


    ETW image realWhen you think about it, windows have developed over the years from merely an aid to seeing outside or inside a building, to an important part of the home which has to meet numerous demands. Of course the priority is still that our windows allow us to view the garden or street [giving us valuable time to hide from the in-laws!].

    Glazed windows have a long history, and can even be found in the Roman times when cast glass was used. Windows which incorporated glass, were a luxury until the middle ages after which they were increasingly used in cathedrals and palaces. As more buildings included glazed windows, stained glass grew in popularity depicting historic scenes and coats of arms.

    Modern windows must perform perfectly while looking smart or even stunning, and their style will tell the visitor a lot about the property or inhabitants. They can be designed and positioned to facilitate maximum light penetration, and to dramatically affect our perception of the interior and exterior living space. When open they allow air and the scents of the garden to enter the room, especially after rainfall. Alternatively, when required windows are expected to provide optimum thermal efficiency and protection against adverse weather conditions. Their purpose in the colder months is to retain warm air while preventing cold air and draughts from entering the home. The inclusion of Warm Edge Spacers are an excellent way to tackle this problem. Not forgetting the security aspects of course, superior locking systems are an essential factor with any window or door.

    Windows nowadays, have to be decorative as well as secure and highly functional, and come in a range of styles, each with their own advantages. Casement windows have always been the window of choice for many stylish homes, with their versatility and ability to present both a traditional or contemporary look. Essex Trade Windows Ltd, offer fully reversible ‘A’ rated casement windows which are simplicity itself to clean, and uPVC profiles ensure an extremely low maintenance solution. You can see an impressive example of a reversible casement window installation at Canary Wharf which, as often happens, resulted in Essex Trade Windows obtaining a substantial ongoing contract.

    Georgian bars have a charm all of their own, and are particularly requested by residents who live in conservation areas in and around Essex. Essex Trade Windows projects page has details of some of the work they have been contracted to carry out recently, featuring Astragal Georgian bars. Installations in Langdon Hills and Noak Bridge.

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