• SJP Building Services look through stylish windows

    tiltWigan based SJP Building Services are one of the North West’s most loved and trusted builders. Members of the Guild of Master Builders, SJP takes pride in being able to offer every aspect of domestic building work from digging the foundations upwards. SJP will do your brickwork, install doors and windows, fit your kitchen and bathroom and plaster your walls. They will even decorate the finished building to the colours and specification of your choosing.

    The trick is in having an eye for detail. Take, for example, the fitting of double glazed or replacement windows. Many people think of double glazing as being bright white uPVC but the range of modern double glazed frames is wider and richer than most people imagine.

    SJP can help you choose windows that complement your home.

    Casement Windows are traditionally side-opening windows but there are times when top-hinged windows are more appropriate. This may be because of obstructions caused by basin taps or kitchen worktops, or to allow ease of opening.

    Vertical Sash Windows have come a long way since the days of counterweights and shuffling them open or close, inch by inch. Modern double glazed sash windows contain a spring system to deliver a swift gliding action. Popular in conservation areas, uPVC sash windows are energy efficient with brushstrip weather seals for airtight insulation.

    Tilt & Turn windows are ideal for modern apartments where space is a factor. Their unique design optimises air flow and ventilation without compromising thermal efficiency.

    For more information on new or replacement windows, doors or any aspect of building work, visit SJP Building Serivces at sjpbuilderswigan.co.uk.