• Protect Your Roof This Winter With Chelmsford Roofline

    After a long hot summer is seems winter has descended all too quickly.

    Warm Edge Units friends and marketing partners, Chelmsford Roofline, have a few handy hints for keeping your home cosy and dry this winter.

    Now is the time for checking your roof, including all the trimmings of guttering, fascias, soffits and weatherboards.

    guttering01Strong winds and driving rain can loosen and remove roof tiles. Any loose, damaged or missing tiles should be replaced immediately as gaps in the roof structure allow water and wind to work it’s way into rafters and roof beams.

    Gutters should be kept clear at all times. Fallen tiles, leaves and other debris can clog up gutters. In the absence of good drainage, water will find a way into the home, causing damp in the brickwork and rotting timbers.

    Pipes, shingles and flashing should be checked and sealed to prevent water seepage. Air vents and skylights should also be inspected to ensure they are functioning effectively.

    Good quality soffits and fascias prevent wind and rain penetrating the loft space, increasing insulation and protecting property. Timber fascias and soffits need regular maintenance to prevent cracks for appearing. Modern PVCu soffits and fascias – supplied and installed by reputable companies like Chelmsford Roofline Ltd – come with a 20 year guarantee against discolouration, warping and cracking.

    Chelmsford Roofline also install robust and attractive PVCU guttering from Eurocell. Available in a choice of colours and designs, new and replacement guttering is often a more efficient alternative to repairing gutters and weather damage to the home.

    For more information on guttering, drains, soffits, fascias, weatherboard or cladding, visit the Chelmsford Roofline website at www.chelmsfordroofline.co.uk.

    Protect Your Roof This Winter With Chelmsford Roofline