• Practical and Stylish Weatherboard Cladding in Essex

    Weatherboard cladding – or clapboard as it is known in some parts of the world – is a popular and practical solution to protecting a home from the elements. Traditionally weatherboard has been made of wood with split oak and spruce being popular in North America while pine is more likely to be seen in northern Europe. Weatherboard is more likely to be found in colder, wetter climates and in countries where a large proportion of the population live in coastal areas. Weatherboard is an energy efficient construction material adding an extra layer of insulation while protecting exposed walls from the elements.

    SheernessPreviewImageTimber weatherboard can be painted or preserved to protect the wood. In some climates timber weatherboard may be untreated but needs adequate ventilation to ensure it does not rot. It is this requirement for ventilation that gives the distinctive architectural style of open brickwork for the lower part of a building with weatherboard used for the upper floors.

    Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of weatherboard in the UK. Technological improvements in its design and construction have created weatherboard that is low maintenance, affordable, elegant and available in a range of pre-applied colours.

    Essex based Chelmsford Roofline Ltd are one of the UK’s leading installers of weatherboard cladding. Chelmsford Roofline regularly use Cedral Weatherboard from Marley Eternit. Cedral Weatherboard is made from fibre cement and is the perfect alternative to timber and PVCu cladding. Cedral Weatherboard is fire resistant, does not shrink, warp or rot, and is guaranteed against damp and insect infestation.

    Fibre cement is made from a combination of wood cellulose, synthetic fibres, water and cement making it one of the most ecological products on the market. It has an installed life expectancy in excess of 50 years.

    For more information on weatherboard cladding, see the Chelmsford Roofline Ltd page on our website or visit them at www.chelmsfordroofline.co.uk.

    Practical and Stylish Weatherboard Cladding in Essex