• On-Line GRP Composite Door Selector from Essex Trade Windows

    Warm Edge Units marketing partner, Essex Trade Windows, have now incorporated an on-line GRP Composite Door Selector into their website. The door selector makes it easier than ever for customers to choose the style, design and colour of a new front door and door frame.

    GRP – Glass Reinforced Polyester – is an ideal material for front doors as it is light and incredibly strong. GRP is dent-proof, crack-proof and totally weather proof. GRP composites are used in the manufacture of surfboards, off-shore structures and for the hulls of minesweepers.

    Essex Trade Windows have a long history of providing a great choice of double glazed windows, PVCu front doors and fully glazed back doors. A wide choice is extended to their GRP composite doors. With ten basic colours to choose from and another choice of matching, complementing or contrasting door frame colours, home owners have a lot to think about. The is also a choice of over 20 door designs, made more complicated by a selection of glass panels in floral, decorative or plain double glazed units. There is also a wide choice in the selection of door frames.  Essex Trade Windows manufacture each door and door frame to order, ensuring a perfect, draught-free fit every time.

    With the GRP Composite Door Selector, customers can experiment with designs, styles and colours before making their final selection. There is also the option of adding from a choice of door knockers, handles and other features, including  ‘Secure By Design’ Yale Keyfree Locks.

    Further information on GRP Composite Doors can be found in a new article on the Locations Pages of the Essex Trade Windows website. Essex Trade Windows supply double glazed windows and doors all over the UK but they are never happier when exploring the towns and villages of Essex and the neighbouring counties of Suffolk, Kent and Hertfordshire.

    The sporting, cultural and scientifically important towns of Chelmsford, Upminster and Brentwood feature in the latest article. Chelmsford is home to Essex County Cricket, Chelmsford City FC and the Chelmsford Chieftains Ice Hockey Team. Brentwood also has sporting links with the Brentwood Ski Centre tucked away amongst the woodlands and country parks that surround Brentwood. Upminster is a popular destination for those with an interest in the history of science. It was in Upminster in the early 1700’s when the first accurate measurement of the speed of sound was made by the Reverend William Derham, Rector of Upminster.

    For more information on GRP Composite Doors – or the history and towns of Essex, visit Essex Trade Windows at www.essextradewindows.co.uk

    On-Line GRP Composite Door Selector from Essex Trade Windows