• Keyfree Locks from Essex Trade Windows

    Leading manufacturer, installer and supplier of double glazed windows and doors, Essex Trade Windows is delighted to announce the addition of Keyfree Locks to its great range of products and services.

    Keyfree Locks offer state of the art home security to Essex Trade Window Customers in Brentwood, Billericay, Basildon and beyond. Endorsed by the National House Building Council (NHBC) Warranty Scheme and winner of the ‘Safe by Design’ Award from the Association of Chief Police Officers, Yale Keyfree Locks are a practical, convenient and effective contribution to  home security.

    Yale Keyfree Locks are designed to work with multi-point lock & latch systems such as those fitted as standard in Essex Trade Windows composite and double glazed front doors and back doors.

    Yale Keyfree Locks are battery-powered making them immune to power cuts. Batteries are long-lasting and give ample warning before needing to be replaced.

    Keyfree Locks offer a choice of entry. Key fobs use a similar technology to standard car keys and are the hands-free option for opening Yale Keyfree Locks. Easily re-programmable keypads are the highly convenient alternative to key fobs and allow home owners and residents to the leave the house without having to worry about carrying or losing keys or key fobs. Specific design features of Yale Keyfree Locks allow the 4-12 digit entry code to be inputted without fear of prying eyes. Yale have also included a manual standard key override system in the event of failure or for those wary of state of the art technology.

    For further information check out the Keyfree Lock webpage on the Essex Tade Windows website or give them a call on 01268 726262


    Keyfree Locks from Essex Trade Windows