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    Internal Blinds

    blinds_2Internal Blinds – Design
    Internal blinds increase the creative possibilities available to architects, decorators and designers:-

    • Rich assortment of colours,
    • Attractive chromatic combinations
    • Enable replacement of bulky curtains

    These panels are available in glass of different thickness and type: laminated, bullet-proof, transparent or tinted, reflecting, and low emission.

    Always Clean – Without Cleaning
    A further feature is the magnetic motion, ensuring the complete airtightness of the panels and preventing air and dust from entering the double glazing cavity, so the blinds inside remain clean – forever.

    Eliminate Glare
    The slight curvature of the slats permits the elimination of the annoying effects of glare and the sun on the horizon. These panels are especially popular in offices, data processing centres and wherever computer screens are used.

    Thermal and acoustic protection
    The insertion of the blind inside the double glazing improves thermal insulation, with heat dispersion values similar to those of triple glazed windows. Better acoustic insulation is also achieved, as the blind constitutes an additional barrier to sound wave propagation. Sound absorption protection can be further increased through the inclusion of appropriate inert gases.

    Complete light control
    The important innovation of this internal blind is that the magnetic control system permits both smooth inclination and the raising/lowering of the blind inside the double glazing chamber.

    A simple movement of the magnets permits the slats to be inclined at will. In the horizontal position, the slats are virtually invisible and allow the maximum passage of light, and a sharp and clear vision outward.

    Gradual inclination changes conditions from maximum light to darkness or until the desired degree of privacy is reached.

    Slat Colours
    White Gloss
    Smokey Grey
    Alabaster (Cream)
    Forest Green
    Aluminium Textured
    White Satin
    Bisque Green

    Black, Light Grey & Dark Grey.

    Header Rails
    h_image_2 To co-ordinate with Slat Colours
    these are available in:-
    Black, White, Aluminium & Alabaster.