• First Choice Aluminium for Secondary Double Glazing

    image_01First Choice Aluminium H&P Ltd is the North West’s leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminium double glazed windows to commercial premises. With satisfied customers including schools, factories, restaurants, shops, offices and workshops, First Choice Aluminium has an excellent track record in both installing doubleglazing or in supplying aluminium doble glazed units to the building sector.

    One aspect of the business that has increased rapidly in recent years has been the installation of secondary double glazing. As the name suggests, secondary double glazing works in conjunction with exisiting windows and doors, keeping down costs while offering all of the advantages of traditional double glazing.

    Secondary double glazing provides significant improvements in thermal efficiency, eliminating cold spots and reducing heating bills of offices and public buildings and increasing security.

    Aluminium double glazing also reduces the effects of external noise, improving the working environment in built up town centre offices.

    First Choice Aluminium H&P Ltd pride themselves on practical and attractive designs. Slim, strong, durable frames come with a polyester paint finish allowing the customer to choose a colour to suit. Styles include hinged units, vertical and horizontal sliders or lift out units.

    To find out how secondary double glazing can benefit your premises, call First Choice Aluminium on 0161 6789144 for a no obligation site survey and quotation or visit the website at fcahp.co.uk.