• Dust Collection Units for a Safer Environment

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    uniYou may suspect that not all double glazing is created equal, and you would be right! Advances in double glazing technology have meant a high performance, energy efficient glazing solution for everyone. Innovative designs and the implementation of things like warm edge spacers have brought increased warmth and lower fuel bills to many homes. The Super Spacer virtually eliminates condensation, which can cause problems like damage to window sills and frames, curtains, walls, paintwork and even carpets.

    A range of frame materials is available for double glazed windows such as wood, UPVC and fibre glass. Aluminium window frames have grown hugely in popularity due to its properties of inherent strength, durability and versatility. Aluminium windows have a much wider design scope thanks to their attractive and resilient powder coating. It is possible to pick from a comprehensive range of RAL colours giving you lots of choice about the look of your home. Aluminium windows and doors are emerging not only as an ideal glazing solution for the commercial and business world, but are increasingly to be found within domestic settings.

    Powder coating is a process which while enabling an aesthetically pleasing result on surfaces such as aluminium, still presents several hazards. Amongst these are the risk of fire and health issues due to dust produced by powder coating. Deposited powder becomes hazardous when a source of ignition is introduced. Potential ignition sources include sparks, hot surfaces and electrostatic discharges. Hazards related to powder coating can also arise from the powders toxic content, affecting lungs if inhaled and skin irritation. Measures taken to tackle dust related issues in these environments include wearing masks, overalls and gloves, while removing possible sources of ignition like cigarettes, matches and lighters.

    A major step towards providing safe workplace surroundings is the installation of LEV dust extraction units. Unimatic have the answer with a range of innovative bespoke or standard dust collection units. Featuring a modular design for a snug fit, the Unimatic bespoke dust extraction units have a fast turn around of 4-6 weeks, and standard models can be delivered in just 7-10 days! Call to enquire about Unimatic dust collection units on 0191 262 2882.

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