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    Warm Edge Spacer Bars, Energy Efficient Aluminium Curtain Walling

    hospitalAluminium curtain walling has been a feature of many new and impressive buildings worldwide, and continues to appear in contemporary designs everywhere. This is due to its functionality, versatility and ability to deliver an uncompromisingly positive message to the onlooker. These state of the art window systems tick all the boxes including energy efficiency, control of light, noise limitation, user comfort and convenience and not forgetting exquisite aesthetics. Businesses and organisations who wish to portray an air of distinction, competence and success will frequently implement curtain walling somewhere within their buildings façade. There are some beautiful examples of this design technology which help the structure to stand out from adjacent buildings.

    A stunning example of architectural excellence in curtain walling is the new multi-award winning Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

    Environmentally Friendly Glazing Solutions

    This incredible building is the result of a £167m project and incorporates high performance glazing from Kawneer, using both stick and unitised curtain walling. This ground breaking feat of architectural design engineering was awarded a BREEM ‘excellent’ rating. The hospital represents a European first being situated in a park, as well as being the first ‘cognitive’ hospital, utilising the latest computer technology and putting into practice the concept of ‘Big Data’. The stick curtain walling has been incorporated in areas such as the atrium concourse, and the unitised version appears at the sides of the three open finger structures.

    It is also the greenest building of this type in the UK in more ways than one, due not only to its exceptional energy efficient systems, but its wildflower meadow themed undulating green rooftop.

    Thermal Insulation, Low E-Glass, Passive Solar Heat Gain

    Glass is used in today’s buildings, not only for its looks but for its functional capabilities, which include thermal insulation, particularly with low-E glass. Heat is reflected back into the rooms by a transparent metallic coating, while at the same time allowing solar heat to penetrate from the outside, warming the building interior. This is called ‘passive solar heat gain’. This type of glazing is ideal for reducing energy bills and providing a green glazing solution.

    Solar control glass can limit solar heating of buildings by use of a special tint which absorbs solar energy, blocks it from entering and re radiates it back away from the structure. This technology is energy saving as it lessens the need for air conditioning, and provides a comfortable environment for the buildings occupants while limiting glare.

    Fire Resistant Glazing, Noise Reduction, Self Cleaning Glass

    Modern glazing is largely resistant to impact giving it an edge when it comes to safety and security, even where the glass is broken it will usually produce only very small fragments protecting people from injury. Fire resistant glass is also a feature of modern window systems, and must meet strict requirements. Certain high quality glazing is useful for lowering the level of noise experienced within a building, cutting out the majority of sounds from traffic, aeroplanes, trains, dogs barking and the general hustle and bustle outdoors. This acoustic glass, when incorporated into a double glazed unit has an interlayer which dampens and blocks sound energy.

    Ingenious self cleaning glass comprises of a dual layer which harnesses elements like the sun and rain to in effect clean the window. When sun shines on the product, surface dirt is broken down, and rain water spreads evenly across the glass washing away debris. Glass is one of the most versatile materials, not only serving a multitude of purposes, but presenting a beautiful and impressive appearance. For an outstanding range of commercial and domestic aluminium double glazing products call First Choice Aluminium H&P Ltd on 0161 678 9144.

    Warm Edge Spacer Bars, Energy Efficient Aluminium Curtain Walling, Environmentally Friendly Glazing Solutions. Thermal Insulation, Low E-Glass, Passive Solar Heat Gain, Fire Resistant Glazing, Noise Reduction, Self Cleaning Glass.