• Consider Home Heating Oil

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    If you have an old boiler, you could be fed up with breakdowns or inefficient heating, and it might even be costing you money! Your heating system may have been great when you first had it installed, but over the years has become a bit of a thorn in your side. More people are turning to oil boilers and heating systems, which have several advantages including:-

    • Frequently low heating oil prices allowing worry free home heating
    • Round the clock heating and hot water
    • Affordable modern oil condensing boilers
    • A choice of bio-diesel or recycled fuels for an environmentally friendly heating solution
    • Possibility of Indoor or outdoor installation
    • Automatic and simple boiler fuelling
    • Oil boiler systems that can be combined with green technologies including solar thermal heating and solid fuel stoves
    • A choice of suppliers for cheapest oil on offer
    • Lower CO2 emissions than many other fuels

    Cons consist of :-

    • Slightly more complicated installation
    • The need for a working chimney to allow escape of exhaust gases
    • High initial cost, but outweighed by long term savings
    • The need for a hot water tank if you don’t already have one

    To reap the full rewards of a new heating system, your home must be properly insulated, as one where heat is leaked through the windows, doors or roof is defeating the purpose.

    Specialists in home heating oil like Finlay Fuels offer a range that includes high quality gas oil, solid fuel, bottled gas, Derv and Fuel Additives online. With over 25 years in the home heating oil industry, they also provide boiler servicing and have a reputation for excellent customer service. Give them a call them on 028 9752 8332.

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