• A Bespoke Solution with Verandas and Glazed Canopies

    tws vA Bespoke Solution with Verandas and Glazed Canopies

    There are so many advantages to having a veranda not least the availability of a communal area where the family can sit, relax and feel at one with nature. A veranda can be as minimal or as full on as you want with simply a small covered area, or a virtual additional room for the home. While still part of the home, a veranda can have its own design and character, or co-ordinate cleverly with the rest of the house.

    Balancing just the right amount of light and shelter from outside, it is also possible to install heating an lighting into these structures. Perfect for barbecues, entertaining, working or just relaxing, you might find that you are spending the majority of your free time in this new home addition.

    Expert Installation of Outdoor Sheltered Structures

    tws v 2A glazed veranda or canopy makes for a cosy place to enjoy a coffee or a cocktail, allowing a seamless space which merges the interior with the exterior. This type of outdoor building presents unlimited possibilities when it comes to design, and there are some fabulous examples within the UK alone. In fact many people are using their glazed canopy or veranda as a design statement, and as aluminium is strong yet adaptable and lends itself to being easily shaped, it is possible to achieve a streamlined custom result.

    Of course glazed canopies are a favourite of retail businesses and shopping areas where the public frequent, protecting customers from the elements and bringing a welcoming and stylish edge to any façade.

    Powder Coated Aluminium Custom Smoking Shelters

    Another incredibly useful outdoor construction of this kind is the smoking shelter which offers a practical, purpose built solution for offices, businesses and sometimes even homes. Smoking shelters are popping up everywhere, and are fast becoming the norm, with practical additions included like seating and cigarette bins.

    Constructed from materials like powder coated aluminium and high strength, scratch resistant, UV resistant polycarbonate, smoking shelters from TWS Verandas are extremely versatile. Available in standard or tailored versions, these functional shelters are professionally constructed, and come with a choice of tinted glazing making them an attractive addition.

    Functional & Versatile Smoking Shelters for Weather Protection

    Smoking shelters not only benefit those wishing to indulge, but have a number of other advantages perhaps not originally intended. Where offices and organisations are concerned, it gives managers a particular place to check for employees should an emergency arise. Many companies are not happy about the sight of employees smoking at the building entrance, nor the consequent cigarette stubs which often litter the floor. There is a feel good factor too, where workers are allowed a cigarette break and provided with a designated shelter to stay dry and comfortable.

    Those who do not smoke are protected from contact with smoke as long as the location of the shelter is carefully considered and planned. Smoking shelters can be found outside restaurants, bars, cafés and offices, often accentuating outdoor areas. A high quality, aesthetically pleasing and durable product can raise the profile of shops and other business premises.

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