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    Beat the Burglars with High Quality Double Glazing

    It is vital to feel both safe and secure whilst at home. With high quality double glazed windows fitted in your property you should have peace of mind knowing that your home`s windows are as safe as can be. In addition to their overall design being harder to penetrate than traditional sash windows, many double glazed windows are fitted with extra security features, making it even harder for unwanted guests to gain entry to your property.

    When installing either uPVC or timber casement windows, it is worth checking them against the relevant British Standards for safety. Whilst all windows sold in the UK must at least come up to this standard, many manufacturers are designing and supplying windows which are much safer than required. Some windows are rated as being up to twice as secure as the standard mandates.

    weu1Safe & Secure Double Glazed Windows

    Further security features when getting windows installed include the fitting of glazing beads on the inside of the window. This will stop determined intruders from being able to gain access to your property by prising their way
    in around the windows. For this reason, it is always best to approach a reputable and experienced glazier when fitting windows and certainly nobody who would cut these very important corners.

    Similarly, in areas where there may well be a particular risk of burglary, it is worth looking at getting laminated glass installed. Whilst by no means unbreakable, the composition and construction of laminated glass panes make them far harder to smash than conventional double glazed windows. If somebody does manage to smash a pane of laminated glass, the window has been designed to remain bonded together, making it much harder for an intruder to get in. This feature also makes the glass safer, as there is less chance of shards of glass getting everywhere in the event of a pane breaking.

    weu2Locks and other Security Features

    Of course, having brilliantly designed security features within the window panes themselves will count for nothing if the windows are left open or unlocked. Just as it is important to keep your front door locked at night or when you go out, keeping windows shut and secured is vital. As an open window is more obviously visible from the street than an unlocked door, it is possibly more important to deal with windows than doors!

    If you do conscientiously keep your windows locked, you would want them to be up to the job. Fitting locking mechanisms with enhanced safety features such as multi-point locking mechanisms or lockable handles will give your locked windows the best chance to stand up to wannabe burglars.

    Window Locks & Secure Handles

    Of course, given the stark and futuristic nature of many double glazed windows and their inbuilt security features, you may want something slightly different if you are looking for a more period look. Suppliers such as Ironmongery Direct carry ranges of traditional styled window locks and handles that will not only keep your windows secure, but also help them maintain the period look and feel of your home.

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