• Are your Windows Costing you Money?

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    twsosIf your windows are functioning correctly they are keeping you and your family warm by blocking weather, drafts and damp, ensuring your bills are lower and preventing excessive noise from entering the home. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case, and a few tell tale signs may indicate that your windows are failing. Typically this happens as the weather begins to get colder, and you need the maximum performance from your double glazing. Not only will inefficient windows cost you money, they are also less functional when it comes to protecting your home from intruders.

    To test whether or not your windows are lacking in their intended purpose, sit near to them and notice if you feel colder than in other parts of the room. If the answer is yes, then you might want to get them checked by a professional double glazing company. Windows can fail for a number of reasons including deterioration of the sealant around the edge, or hidden gaps where the glass meets its casing.

    Another major sign of a failing window is excessive condensation or frost on the inside surface of the glass. This occurs when the temperature of the glass drops lower than the room temperature, indicating a leakage, usually around the area of the base. Repairs are a possibility but in the case of older windows, you should seek advice as to whether they need full replacement.

    Windows receive quite a lot of knocks and bumps, especially if there is a family with children and pets. Wear and tear can be caused by trauma from the occasional wayward football, or bodily impact. Double glazed window systems are pretty robust, but this sort of thing over time can cause stress and actual damage to joints and panes. Your windows need to close properly too, as even the tiniest gap will render your heating inefficient, and even allow rain water to seep in.

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