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    Technology has advanced the building industry immeasurably, and homes are no longer simply a place to lay one’s hat and shelter from the rain. State of the art heating, lighting and water systems are now the norm in most new houses, and in fact the government stipulate a minimum amount of renewable energy before planning permission is granted.

    3D design, wireless power and nano-particle paint are things we may become familiar with in the future. Faster, easier ways of doing things are what many desire, and constant innovations provide answers. Not only is the modern home in Billericay more eco friendly, it will ultimately cost less to run, proving popular as lower bills are the result.

    A major factor in any home and one that has in the past been responsible for the loss of a high percentage of heat, are it’s windows and doors. These are the home’s vulnerable areas, as around 20% of heat is lost through them. High quality is essential where windows and doors are concerned, and it’s a fact that many homes can save a whopping £253.00 per year on heating bills by installing replacement double glazing.

    Essex has a significant proportion of listed buildings and conservation areas where local authorities severely restrict any unauthorised modifications to properties. Residents who wish to install double glazing, extensions, cladding, porches or any other form of home improvement must seek permission from the council. Those who disregard this procedure are liable to be the unlucky recipients of hefty fines, along with the dismantling of their new structures.

    Essex Trade Windows Ltd, offer a range of impressive windows and doors, which have been implemented in locations like Billericay, and are available in elegant colours like black and anthracite grey. These windows are ideal when it comes to keeping within the character of an area, while providing an excellent thermal solution.

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