• Advances in Glazing Technology

    Warm Edge Super Spacer Bars, Sealed Units, Award Winning Double Glazing Thermal Efficiency


    Technology has moved on in leaps and bounds since our ancestors fashioned the first windows from materials like glassy pebbles, animal hides and even paper. Whatever they used to make these ancient windows, we bet there were drafts getting in through the gaps. This problem was carried through to recent times as more serious efforts were made to tackle the problem.

    One of the biggest breakthroughs to change and improve the functionality of windows, has been the concept of Warm Edge Units. These work to separate the panels of glass in the sealed double glazed units, while keeping the unit edges warm, and blocking heat loss. The result of this is an exceptionally high thermal performance, and a comfortable atmosphere, not to mention big savings on fuel bills.

    Not many people these days have single glazing, but older double glazing is susceptible to condensation, particularly in the mornings. This is due to the edges of the sealed unit being colder than the rest of the glazing, allowing condensation to form. Persistent condensation can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould, which looks unattractive and can exacerbate health conditions.

    Always try to keep your rooms well ventilated, by opening windows a touch regularly where possible, whatever the weather. Do this especially when cooking or using the bathroom, and keep any window vents open. Try to ensure clothes are dried outdoors as opposed to draped over radiators, one of the biggest causes of condensation. Warm Edge Spacer Bars just about eliminate the chance of these problems, cutting condensation by up to 70%. Heat retention in the home is accelerated and noise transmission is also greatly decreased.

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