• 6 Reasons Why Energy Efficient Windows Will Help You Sleep

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    teddyredfl signedSurprisingly, research into the fascinating subject of sleep has only been on the agenda for around 25 years, but in that time we have learnt a lot. Discovering the whys and wherefores of our nocturnal processes and pursuits has certainly been revealing. Our surroundings will of course affect our sleep patterns which is why things like effective double glazing is so important. Drafty, rattling windows are not normally conducive to undisturbed sleep. Very old or defective double glazing brings lots of problems to keep you awake nights. The same applies to windows without warm edge spacer bars, which allow heat loss, causing a cold atmosphere and bumping up fuel bills.

    If you are snuggling down and preparing for a trip to the land of nod, here is a little something to read until your eyes get tired.

    1. Warm edge double glazing technology ensures more comfort and warmth, and less draughts.
    2. Your windows will reduce both exterior and interior noise so you won’t be disturbed in the early hours and neither will your neighbours.
    3. Our BFRC rated energy efficient glazing saves money on your heating bills, ‘sweet dreams!’
    4. Double glazing is the bain of the burglar’s life, making them regret their choice of career [and probably lose sleep].
    5. The award winning thermally efficient double glazing we offer, lasts for a stress free 20 years minimum.
    6. A high quality warm edge double glazing system is not only functional, but will increase your property value, so you really can ‘dream on’.

    It is wise to check that your boiler is functioning well and up to speed too, otherwise investing in new double glazing may not be as fruitful as you imagined. Once your Warm Edge windows are sorted, why not wrap yourself in luxury with one of the stunning Kylie Minogue At Home bedding sets, available at Angelina’s Curtains and Bedding.

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